How to Protect Your Social Security Number from Being Used

How to Protect Your Social Security Number from Being Used, When it comes to the Social Security, people are provided with a specific number that is termed a Social Security Number. The SSN or Social Security Number was initially made to record the earnings of people and to keep an eye on the benefits of Social Security. It has been noticed that the SSN has far outpaced its original intent. This is the reason why it has become the most common personal identifier that has been used for a number of record-keeping motives in the USA.

There are chances, in which a number of private businesses and government agencies request clients’ numbers that define their Social Security benefits. It has become harder to keep a record of who we are legally needed to disclose it to.

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How to Protect Your Social Security Number
how to protect your social security number

How to Protect Your Social Security Number from Being Used

Who may request the SSN?

First of all, before proceeding on how to protect your SS number, you should understand who wants your SSN and for what purpose. There are several companies, institutions, and people, who may need your SSN and use it for different purposes. Get into detail:

Private Businesses

These businesses are on the list, who wants the SSNs of people. Although many private companies will request it, you are not normally needed by law to give it to them. These companies include healthcare companies and insurers. In this case, if you do not provide your SSN to the number, then they have the right to decline their services.

In any instance, if you experience injustice about the denial of the service, you have a chance to contact a supervisor.

Government Companies and Associations

There are many government companies that include the Department of Motor Vehicles and the tax authorities, which legally need the SSN. According to the Privacy Act of 1974, when any of the government agencies request the SSN, they have to disclose why they need this number like whether it is needed by law, how they will use it, and the name of the authority for which they are requesting this number.

If the government agency is capable of giving this essential information to you, then it will be fine, otherwise, you are fortified to complain to the company and also the federal and state representatives.

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When you are going to have employment in any of the companies, they also request your SSN. They will need it because they have to use it for reporting your earnings and also their payroll taxes. It is necessary that you will have to provide your SSN to them.

Schools or Universities

The schools and universities, which are funded by public and federal agencies, need this number. They use it for providing the identification of the information in agreement with federal law so that they can retain funding. You can also see these institutions under the Privacy Act (1974).

Online Businesses

Some businesses do exist online, which will request Social Security numbers so that they can end up with the transactions. At the same time, consumers need to be very careful about giving this information online.

When you are doing this thing, make sure that you have the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus installed on the computer. It is also important to observe the reputation and genuineness of these companies to neglect phishing scams at any cost.  

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Financial Centers

Last but not the least, the financial centers will also need your SSN when it comes to the management of the transactions in which the IRS or Internal Revenue Service may be willing for the purpose of the tax.

It is needed by the law that these centers participate in the CIP (Customer Identification Program). It means that they must maintain records of assessing information and examine the names of the customers against the terrorist lists. It is a valid case in which a person will have to give his Social Security number to these companies.

Tips to defend your SSN

Sometimes, the disclosure of the Social Security number is not needed, at that time you should take care of the below-mentioned tips:

  • Avoid printing your SSN on checks or other assessing information.
  • It is a wise thing to keep your SS card in a safe place, where it is unexpected to be stolen or lost.
  • Checking the SS Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement is a good thing to make sure that the information is accurate. In the case, the information is wrong, you must contact the SSA immediately because it is depicting that someone is using your SSN for employment purposes.
  • Consider it as a policy not to give your SSN unless you are sure it is needed or to your advantage. Take all the necessary details about the requirement of the Social Security number before giving it to them. If you feel suspicious, then deny the request.
  • Last but not the least, it is good to maintain and monitor your credit reports on a regular basis to avoid any mistakes.

What if the SS card has been stolen or lost?

If this is the case, then there is no need to panic. You can get the replacement of your Social Security card from the SSA free of cost. But you are not safe after getting the replacement, you need to file a complaint with the FTC regarding the theft and start monitoring your credit reports.

Side by side, it should also be your aim to examine the social security records to make sure that your SSN is not being used for work or any other purposes in a fraudulent manner.

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Get a replacement SS card!

If your card has been stolen or misplaced anywhere, then you may want to obtain its replacement, which you can get by contacting the SSA. Make sure to give all the essential details and documents that the SSA demands from you so that they can identify that you are an authenticated person that belongs to a particular Social Security number.

Keep in mind that you are restricted to 3 replacements per year and 10 for the entire life. Hence, keep it in a safe location.

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