Documents Required to Obtain a Social Security Number

Documents Required to Obtain a Social Security Number, If you are new to applying for social security benefits, then this is the right place where you will get all the information for applying for a social security number for an adult and a child. Social security is significant for you if you are a citizen of the United States. There are plenty of benefits that you are going to get after applying for social security, but before that, you must submit all the required documents so that the process can get started ahead.

Using your social security number government is going to keep the full records of your earnings, which will further help them determine your social security benefits.

What Documents are Needed to Obtain a Social Security Card
Documents Required to Obtain a Social Security Number

Documents Required to Obtain a Social Security Number

Documents Required for an Adult

It is important to note that there are original documents/copies that need to be certified by the agency that will issue you the social security number. They do not accept notarized copies or photocopies. Also, the documents you are submitting should be current.

First of all, you will need to provide proof of your citizenship, which can be your passport or United States birth certificate. The second document that is of extreme importance is age-proof. It can be your birth certificate, and you must submit it if you have it. In case you do not have a birth certificate you can submit

  • United States passport
  • United state hospital birth records
  • Religion record that shows your birthdate

If you are age twelve or older than that and requesting an original SSN, then you will have to appear in an interview. You will be asked for proof that you do not have an SSN. Below are the example documents which you can submit to prove that you were never assigned a social security number before.

If you are residing outside the country for an extended period, then you can submit school/employment records, previous or current passport, or any other document that shows how long you were living outside the country that will prove you do not have SSN.

If you are living in the states and applying for SSN, then you will need to provide information related to the school or tax record copies that will prove you were never allotted SSN. The third document that is required is identity proof, and there are only certain identity proofs that are entertained by the social security administration.  

The documents which are accepted must show your birth date/age, name, and current photograph. You can use the below-mentioned documents

  • United States passport
  • The United States driver’s license

In case you do not have the documents mentioned above, then you can go for any particular material, or you will not be able to get a replacement or a new social security number. There are other documents that you can submit that must not be expired and must have all your essential information like your age, name, and photograph. The documents can be

  • School identification card
  • Employee ID card
  • United States military ID card
  • Health insurance card

The Social security administration can use your one document for a different purpose; for instance, your United States passport can be used as your identity proof or your citizen proof. Still,   you must provide all the necessary documents mentioned above.

Documents Required for a Child

If you need to apply for the social security number for a child, then you must provide a birth record of the child, which is also verified by contacting the office, which provided the certificate. The documents you will submit must be original. In the case of adoption, a number is provided before adoption.

The documents which are required to get a social security number for a child are mentioned below first of all, citizenship proof is needed which will include United States birth certificate or a united state passport. The second document that is required is the age proof. You can provide the passport of your child as age proof. If the child is 12 or above, then a personal interview needs to be attended.

The administration will ask for the evidence that will prove your child was never issued an SSN before. The documents you can use are school records or any other document that shows the child’s long-term residence outside the states. If your child was living outside the US and applying for SSN, then the information about the school is asked which he/she attended.

The third document required is identification proof for which you can use a birth certificate that will prove the age of the child. SSA needed evidence that will show that the child exists beyond the DOB. For identity proof of the child, documents that can be used must have the parent’s name, the age of the child, name, and a current photograph. The documents mentioned below can be used

  • Adoption decree
  • Scholl daycare records
  • Hospital/clinic records
  • School ID card
  • Religious record

These are the documents that you need to submit to apply for the social security number for an adult and a child. You must submit all the required documents and attend an interview to prove that you or your child is eligible for the social security number. After assessing all your documents, you will be issued a social security number within 10-14 business days.

You can submit the documents online, or it is better to provide them in person at your nearest social security office.  Also, you can open your social security account where you will be able to track all the updates by the social security administration.

Having a social security account is also prominent and very easy to obtain. Visit the official website of the social security administration to obtain all the vital information related to your social security benefits, social security numbers, updates, and replacements. Online you can obtain information regarding non-citizen or foreign-born US citizen social security numbers.

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