Do Homemakers Get Social Security?

Do Homemakers Get Social Security, Every citizen in the United States must know about social security, no matter more or a bit.  If you have decided to secure your future, then social security is the first thing on which you can rely on. Though there is an excellent amount of information, laws, rules, and categories involved, but with the right information, the guidance you can surely take the full benefits from your social security.

Well, social security is for the retiree, divorcee, and disabled, but is it for the homemakers as well? Many homemakers have this question in mind. Well, when social security was established in the 1930s, then there was only one person in the family member who used to earn for the entire family.  He was also the only one who was eligible to receive social security benefits.

This caused issues in the life of the spouse who does not work in case she or his spouse passed away. Thankfully, this issue was considered by the social security administration. Then there was a law that allowed the wives to collect the social security spouse benefits in case her earning husband died on his behalf. 

Since social security laws were established, the dynamics have completely changed now. It started in 1935, and today we are living in 2020.  Still, there are many families on this planet where only one member earns and still do not qualify for social security benefits because of their low earnings. 

Every person needs to know that if you follow the social security eligibility criteria carefully and get some help from others who know about social security will be of great help. Here are the requirements explained about social security eligibility and how you can obtain benefits within limits. 

Do Homemakers Get Social Security
do homemakers get social security

Do Homemakers Get Social Security


Age is one of the most important aspects to consider because applying before the retirement age is going to deduct some of your benefits. Unknowingly you might prevent them. The retirement age is 62. There are other social security benefits such as disability and survivor benefits that you can apply anytime the mishappening occurs in your life.  

According to the social security eligibility criteria, you must be 62 to receive your interests in the retirement category.  Also, you can delay your interests and add more to it, which you can delay until the age of 70s.  You can still work, and this will maximize your social security benefits.

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You will be surprised to know that to collect social security benefits; you do not need to be a citizen of the U.S.  All the workers who are paying for the system are eligible to obtain retirement benefits. The only condition is that you must be living in the United States when you are receiving SS benefits.  If you are not a U.S citizen, then there are other eligibility criteria that you will have to follow to be eligible as a non-American citizen. 

Work credits

Work credits are very important, and if you fail to fulfill this requirement, then you will not be eligible to apply for SS benefits. It would help if you covered your job and must have 35 years of working experience and pay for social security taxes every month. You must receive at least 40 work credits in your lifetime. You can earn four credits every year, and you must have ten years of working experience to be eligible for applying for social security benefits.

These are the three foremost essential factors that you must look into and pass to be eligible for the social security perks. It is suggested that you grab some crucial information regarding the eligibility and documents required to apply for social security if you do not belong to any highlighted category.

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Homemakers and Social Security

No matter whether you are applying for retirement benefits or spouse benefits, you will have to follow the eligibility as mentioned above criteria. Still, for homemakers, things are going to be different. Homemakers might get qualified for social security benefits, and this will depend upon the earnings of your partner.

There is a spousal benefit category under which partners can collect retirement benefits if their spouse is eligible for a higher income as compared to their own. Also, they can receive benefits if they are married for more than 10 years and are currently not married. 

Also, homemakers can apply for survivor’s benefits like widowers and widows of the deceased at the age of 60 and 50 if the individual is disabled.  Children of the deceased who are under 18 and are studying in high school are also qualified to receive social security benefits on behalf of the deceased. This is hugely beneficial for families with young children and no income.

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Full-time Homemakers

Full-time workers who have never worked or have worked for less than ten years are not qualified for the social security benefits on their own. They are only eligible based on the earnings of their spouse. Both men and women can receive social security benefits if they follow all the set criteria.  

If you are a home worker and have never worked before, then look for the social security administration programs and advantages which you will find on the official website of social security. 

Social security benefits are essential for many families in the united states as this is the only income for retirees,  survivors of the deceased and the disabled, so it is vital that they know their rights, how to maximize their benefits and be sure whether or not they are eligible for social security benefits. 


Social security takes care of all but not to be misused; it is essential to follow the eligibility criteria. If you are falsely taking benefits of social security when caught, you will have to pay back all the money, and you will also be punished for this illegal offense. Make sure that you have a valid excuse to receive funds so that you may not stay away from the benefit of Social Security at all.

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