Different Types of Social Security Benefits

Different Types of Social Security Benefits, Social security is a federal program of social benefits and insurance developed by the United States federal in the year 1935. The SS program’s perks include various categories such as 

  •          Disability Income
  •          Retirement income
  •          Medicaid
  •          Medicare
  •          Survivorship
  •          Death benefits

SS is among the largest programs on the globe developed by the government, paying out billions of dollars every year. The citizens have to pay for social security benefits. The retirement benefits are based on the birth year of an individual as early at the age of 62 and late at the age of 70s.  

The income amount is based on the indexed earnings on the monthly basis during the thirty-five years the individual earned. Even the children who are not married and are under 18 years of age and their spouse can also avail of the benefits of social security. A divorced spouse can also receive the benefits if their marriage lasted ten years or more.

Different Types of Social Security Benefits
Different Types of Social Security Benefits

Different Types of Social Security Benefits

The purpose of Social Security

  • There are different purposes of social security and it is for the benefit f the citizens. Here are some of the purposes explained
  • To provide protection  to the disabled and elderly people  from illness expenses
  • To fulfill the materialistic needs of the  families
  • To keep families together
  • It gives a healthy chance  to children so that they can grow healthy and with complete security

To fulfill all these purposes federal government f the United States has different programs like

  • Enforcement for child support
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Energy aid and food stamps
  • Child health and mental services
  • Medical assurance
  • Temporary aid for the needy
  • Veterans advantages

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Filling for SS disability

Filling out the SS disability application seems to be an intimidating process especially when you are unaware of the procedure. Questions like whether you qualify or not, and what documents are required keep flashing in your mind.

Many are also anxious about the time to be taken to receive the benefits and what if their application is denied.  Well, there are some easy ways by which you can go through the entire process. If followed carefully half of the road is traveled. Read carefully 

What are the eligibility criteria?

According to the SSA, a person with a physical and mental disability or suffering from both and unable to generate income for themselves and their families can file for SS disability benefits. To get approved for the disability program one needs to have been facing the disability for a minimum of one year. The SSA also considers education, age, and work history.

The person must also have thorough evidence given by their doctors that say they are suffering from a disability. This program is specially designed for individuals who have worked in the past and gained the SS credits. Ideally, the person must have worked for at least five or more years.

The person also needs to prove their inability of generating income. If they are having too much income and assets, in such a case their application is denied.

Filling the application

 There are 3 simple steps that one needs to follow to file the application for social security benefits.

  • Apply through telephone
  • Visit the SSA website
  • Apply online

If one is in great need of money, then it is imperative that they apply for SS benefits immediately because it might take too much time to receive benefits. It can take up to two years to receive the hearing. This happens due to the economy of the state and the aging population. This can put one in a huge mess so make sure to apply as soon as you can. 

In case your application is denied you can also apply for the decision always.  It is a fact that the majority of the applications are denied for the first time. So you must have all the documents ready to face less hassle at the time of filling out the SS disability benefits. The more evidence you are going to submit the more chances you gain for receiving benefits.

Hire an attorney

Fortunately, you can take the aid of a pro by hiring a specialized attorney when it comes to SS disability benefits. Attorneys can guide you in the right manner and also help you with the procedure. You can easily find them online or ask for recommendations from family and friends.  Having a pro by your side will relieve your anxiety and you will also have an assurance of getting your claim successfully.

Spouse and survivor benefits

When the SS was established it was the time when women used to take care of the home and men used to get out earning money for their spouse and children. At that time in a case, the husband died the women found themselves in a state of poverty.

The SS board realized the challenges of women and implemented changes to the system so that women can also fulfill their needs if something unexpected happened. The first amendment made was that women can apply at the age of 62 instead of 65 under the assumption that she is younger than their husbands.

In the year 1939 2 new categories were included known as survivor benefits and dependent benefits. This was a tremendous aid for the women and their children who gained smaller advantages as compared to their spouses or did not qualify for the SS retirement advantages. Today women have equal rights to file for SS benefits, and SS retirement benefits or can apply for a survivor or spousal benefits.

They can also apply for social security benefits based on their own records for work or SS credits they have gained. Therefore it is imperative for the female citizens of the United States no matter what marital status they are in to understand the survivors and spousal benefits developed especially for them. They can also file for SS retirement aids so that they can avail maximum advantages they are entitled to. social security categories
To know more about social security benefits, eligibility and other information click https://www.ssa.gov/

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