Covid Impact on Social Security

Covid Impact on Social Security, Undoubtedly, the world’s economy has been affected at an alarming rate for many months since the very first case of Covid-19 has occurred. If we talk about the United States of America, then it is one of the biggest nations contributing to the economy of the world. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the financial security of countless American Citizens has been shattered.

The victims who are currently dealing with Covid-19 infection maybe Social Security beneficiaries in the future.

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Covid Impact on Social Security


Covid Impact on Social Security

People in America who become qualified for Social Security in the year 2022 will be expected to get less in benefits as time passes on. This analysis has been made currently from the Center for American Progress. So, it is hard to believe that the reason for such a great and unbearable loss is none other than this current contagion.

Bad influence on the economy

This crisis has traumatized the economy to a great extent. Millions of people all over America have turned out to be unemployed. At the same time, most employees in America saw an immense decline in their wages. There are several people who are using their retirement savings to meet their expenses. But some are experiencing a bad time because they are not capable of investing their savings for retirement.

The Social Security Administration relies on some norms to calculate benefits that they have to provide to beneficiaries, which include their age, wages, and when they claim. There is a special formula, which also takes the growth of average wages into account in the country from the time when the year earnings were obtained that would reduce the Social Security benefits of those who will be going to claim in the next some years.

According to the reports, it is said that more than four million citizens in America will be affected. This effect is not only influencing the retired workers but even their dependents and spouses will be qualified for survivor Social Security benefits.

It is stated that Social Security beneficiaries who become qualified for Social Security benefits before 2022 will not get impacted because of a 2-year lag. In the year 2023, beneficiaries who will be qualified would not become affected unless the country’s economy did not improve next year.

An individual who is born in 1960 and is an average earner could suffer from a loss at an estimation of $1428 a year according to the inflation-adjusted dollars for the remaining of their years of living. It is because these beneficiaries would be going to claim their benefits at the age of 62 years in 2022.

Of course, these beneficiaries could make more money in terms of their Social Security benefits if they postponed claiming such benefits until their normal retirement age. There is also a possibility, they may get more money if they were to evade claiming their benefits until the maximum age i.e. 70 years.

While on the other hand, it has been seen that it is still too early to judge the impact of such a crisis on the trust funds that aid the benefits of Social Security. The revenue of this federal program comes from the withheld taxes of workers the most.

But the situation is that some of the beneficiaries are recently not working because they have lost their jobs because of this Covid-19 infection. However, if we consider the health and actuarial status of Social Security beneficiaries, there may be other factors as well, which may include the birth and mortality rates. This way, the wage, and consumer-price rise.

This pandemic has made people start questioning whether or not Social Security will be able to support them in their aging years, no matter whether they have contributed to Social Security during their employment and career years. Of course, they are completely unconfident and they have started thinking of other methods to secure their future.

Before this pandemic, 2/3 of baby boomers confess that they supposed Social Security would not be able to give funding to them in their lifetime. At the same time, 79 percent of millennials and 81 percent of Generation X would not be benefited from Social Security.

1/5th of the baby boomers said that they were only dependent on Social Security as a great source of retirement income and if we see younger generations, they said that they were not actually prepared for retirement in terms of finance before this pandemic hits the world. Consequently, in surveys, 38 percent of respondents said that they will retire in the future.

Is it a matter of worry?

Some reports reveal that American citizens should not get worried at all. They do not need to think that they would not be going to receive such benefits at all due to such catastrophes made by Covid-19.

The Social Security Administration which is responsible for this program will still be giving checks to the beneficiaries who are already qualified for Social Security benefits during the crisis. Beneficiaries who think that they are eligible, should go online and access the official website of the Social Security Administration and claim their benefits.

It is the responsibility of the beneficiaries of Social security that they should be proactive and careful in making sure that they are not turning out to be the victims of fraud because such scam cases have been seen.

Based on the information provided by the Social Security Administration, they gave warnings to beneficiaries about these scams when this pandemic started. They said that if beneficiaries want to check anything related to Social Security benefits, they should visit the official website and log in to the ‘my SSA account.’ Here, they can be sure that the information with Social Security is accurate and up to the mark.

Side by side, they also warned not to attend some fake phone calls which would be supposed to come from the agency. They clarify that the SSA will not be going to call you at any cost and ask you for a Social Security number. They will never give any threatening warnings to you regarding the suspension of Social Security benefits. Beware of such things.  

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