7 Social Security Changes 2018

7 Social security changes 2018, If you are an American citizen then you might have heard about social security, paying taxes, or availing the benefits. It is a kind of lifeline provided to citizens falling into different categories.  Are you aware of the 7 changes that are made to SOCIAL SECURITY in 2018? Well, if not then you have come to the right place. 

Social security changes 2018
Social security changes 2018

7 Social Security Changes 2018

Social Security is one of the most vital programs developed by the United States government though it was always a matter of debate in the category.  August 2017, more than sixty million citizens received the social security benefits and more than 42 million people were retirees.

More than 62% of retirees count on social security benefits as they depend on it as half of their income after retirement. In the mid, an October social security changes were announced which happens annually. Like the U.S economy is not static, neither is the tax, payment, or edibility that is added to the SOCIAL SECURITY.  Here are the 7 biggest changes made to social security in 2018. 

1. Monthly payment rose a bit 

In the year 2018, you can expect a pretty good hike in your monthly payouts.  According to the Social Security Administration, the maximum payout when you become eligible for the retiree social security benefits will increase from $101 to $2, 788 a month. 

At the time of the payout calculation, social security considers the individual’s earnings and work history.  There is a downside as well and that is one 1 out of 10 Americans will be able to receive this recent change in the benefits because it is difficult to earn credits for a 35 years time period. 

2. SOCIAL SECURITY benefits will get a hike

 In the year 2018, the beneficiaries are going to receive a hike of 2% COLA.  It is going to be $27 or more a month for the average retiree. It is the best inflationary observed in the past 6 years. If one is enrolled in the Medicare social security program or you have part B premiums deducted from the stipend provided by social security, then it I likely that this rise will be eaten up by Medicare.
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3. Retirement age on the rise 

 The full retirement age is going to rise this year. In the upcoming year, newly eligible retired workers who were born in the year 1956  will have to show some patience until the age of 66 and4 months before they will be able to receive a hundred percent of their retirement benefits. That is a 2-month hike from 2017 for the beneficiaries born in 1955. 

The SOCIAL SECURITY claiming works when you are at the age of 62 and your benefits grow 8% annually till the age of the ’70s. In simple words, the longer an individual waits the more benefits you are able to receive. 

4. Wealthy citizens can own a little more

This is a pretty surprising and exceptional change made in 2018 and everyone should be aware of it.  If you are an employee of a company, then half of the social security liability is covered by the company which means 6.2%. 

This means the majority of Americans have to pay 6.2% of their income as a tax for the SOCIAL SECURITY program. Wealthy citizens who earn $128,700 can own a $93 minimum tax. Income earned beyond and above this amount will remain untouched by the tax. 

5. Disability income will get an inch high

If an individual has his income from social security, then you are also going to face positive changes in monthly earnings. Social security is not just for retirees, but different categorized individuals can also avail apart of the benefits. In the United States, more than ten million individuals are receiving Social Security disability benefits from Social Security administrations. 

According to the last year, Press Release people who do not fall into the category of blind or disabled will get a hike of $10 monthly to $1,180. Those who are legally blind can earn up to $1,970.  
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6. Withholding thresholds for early fillers will also climb

The threshold for early fillers is also increasing this year up to $ 10 per month or $17, 040 yearly. People who claim their social security benefits at the time their reach their full retirement are also going to see some changes this year. If social security A is withholding your benefits then do not worry as a higher amount is going to be paid back to you once you crossed the full retirement age.

7. Eligibility for SOCIAL SECURITY got incrementally harder 

It is going to be a little bit harder for the employers of Americans to be eligible for social security benefits after they get retired.  First of all, it is important to understand that citizens do not automatically qualify for Social Security benefits.

In fact, they need to earn 40 work credits in their lifetime to gain the maximum social security benefits.  A maximum of 4 is gained annually by the citizens. In the year 2017, individuals were earning credits for every $1,300, but in the year it will now require earning $1,320.

These are the 7 changes in the Social Security benefits which we might see this year. To know more you must visit https://www.ssa.gov/  where you can check out the updates in the administrations and benefits. Note: – The majority of senior citizens and others rely on Social Security benefits and the changes made are going to provide relief to the people. 

These benefits are designed to support people in healthy living. There are different criteria and requirements involved when it comes to availing of Social Security benefits.  If you are unaware o the facts, then make sure to visit the Social Security administrations site to get more insights on the aspects. The more you are going to update and learn about your rights the easy it is going to be to apply for the benefits. make sure to visit the site and get 2018 updates. 

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