6 Social Security Disability Questions

Social Security Disability Questions, In any case, if you have become disabled due to some injury or medical condition, then you may be qualified for taking advantage of the Social Security Disability payouts. There is a popular association known as SSA or Social Security Administration, which gives benefits to disabled people who were in the employment and a regular tax payee of the program. If you are the one and want to get benefited from it, then filing a claim is the first step after meeting certain criteria.

When it comes to the application process for Social Security disability, then it may be confusing and complex. There are different and commonly asked questions every applicant may ask before receiving Social Security disability benefits.

It would be good if you realize the basics of SS disability, and this is the right way to get a better sense of what you will go through to maximize the payments. Let’s start:

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Social Security Disability Questions
Social Security Disability Questions

6 Social Security Disability Questions

Who is qualified for Social Security Disability?

There are some terms and conditions that you should meet if you want to meet SS disability requirements. You will need to be in employment for longer and along with the paid taxes. The length is based on your age when you are going to file along with the number of work credits you have earned via the Social Security system.

For every year, you can have a maximum of 4 credits in the employment period. The main requirement is that 40 credits are needed to get disability benefits under this program. 20 credits from 40 need to be earned in the previous 10 years before becoming disabled. Younger workers may become eligible for Social Security disability benefits with fewer credits.

Aside from that, you should be healthy and active to fulfill particular conditions. Your medical state must have maintained for at least one year or be anticipated to last at least 1 year, or be anticipated to result in death. Of course, your doctor may make yourself proven to be disabled.

As the SSA approves your claim, then your disability should be approved by them. By going to the SSA website, use the ‘Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool’ to check whether or not you are qualified.

How long can you get Social Security disability benefits?

Once you turn into the disability category, you are eligible and you will continue to get such benefits as long as you stay in this condition. The SSA reviews claims from period to period and in any case, if there is any improvement in your condition, it could be decided that you no longer fulfill the benefits’ criteria and your payouts could be deferred.

Another scenario is when you reach normal retirement age, and you are still getting SS Disability benefits, such benefits would not stop in any manner. It means that you will get the same benefits.

What do you need to do to begin the application process for Social Security Disability, and what time it takes?

There are 3 ways that you can choose to apply for SS Disability, such as:

  • By using the internet
  • By calling 800 772 1213
  • By visiting a local SS office

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There are some documents that you are required to collect and then submit; it is the starting point of the application process when you want to claim your SS Disability Benefits. Documents needed are:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Self-employment tax returns or W-2 forms for the last year
  • Medical proof like doctor’s test results and reports
  • An adult disability report, which will display the medical condition along with the employment history
  • Info about laborers’ compensation or other benefits

The more chances, they will conduct an hour-long phone or in-person interview, it is a must. The motive of this meeting is that it helps in establishing if you are not able to carry out considerable work because of your disability. Getting all the documents ready, scheduling, and attending an appointment needs time, and it may take up to 8 months so you need to be patient for sure.

What is the Average SS Disability Benefit?

Luckily, when your claim is accepted, it can be expected to get disability checks every month. Of course, you would want to know about the average benefit you get under the Social Security Disability scheme. It is based on the earning calculation across a worker’s lifespan, just like with SS retirement benefits. The average benefit you get is $1,258 approximately for 2020.

Any change in health condition or expense will not affect the Social Security Disability benefit amount. But inflation may impact the amount of benefit as it can be adjusted due to inflation.

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What can you do if your Social Security Disability Claim is overruled?

Of course, you may think that you are qualified for disability benefits from Social Security, but sometimes, the application may not be acknowledged right away. In the initial period, you may get a denial determination. At that time, you can then appeal the decision.

You need to reevaluate the case, and for that reason, you can ask the SSA what other information or documents are needed to start the reevaluation process. It could take more months to collect information with in-depth and after that, submit it to the SSA. Afterward, you will need to wait for a determination.

Can you return to work while getting Disability Benefits?

There is a program designed known as ‘Ticket to Work,’ which can help those who are recently disabled regain the workforce without instantly losing their benefits. You can be in employment for a 9-month trial period and get full benefits no matter how much they earn.

If your disability payments are stopped because of substantial earnings, then you may become eligible for expedited reinstatement if your fitness state makes you unable to carry on working.

To get more help about these things before claiming your Social Security Disability benefit, one can hire an expert who knows everything related to the Social Security Disability like its terms and conditions, eligibility requirements, and much more.

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