100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits Without Denial

100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits Without Denial, Social security is for everyone and especially for disabled veterans as well, and they can collect disability benefits after applying for the veteran disability benefits. To gain these benefits, veterans need to approach SSA now and then. The majority of the veterans get surprised after knowing the different workings of the two systems. Here in the post are discussed different aspects of the social security system and the differences between these two systems.

100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits Without Denial
100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits Without Denial

100 Percent Disabled Veterans Benefits Without Denial

How does a veteran’s disability work?

First of all, if you are eligible for the veteran’s disability benefits, you can do it in many ways, like applying online or visiting a nearby SS office where you will be notified about the final decision in just 3-4 months.  When you apply for the SS disability benefits, your file is assigned to a specialist known as a disability examiner.

The specialist is going to gather all the vital information like your medical records. Also, he/she will be consulting with the psychologist/physician or doctor assigned by the administration to the examiner so that denial or approval decision can be made without any error.

The bad news is often the applications get denied. In case your file gets approved, which happens when it is proved that the claimant is a hundred percent disabled?  The claimant is paid either SSI benefits based on the income amount or SSDI benefits based on prior wages.

In case of denial, you can follow the disability appeal process, which will reconsider your application.  After waiting, you will be called to attend a hearing with the ALJ. Keep in mind that it takes plenty of time to get a hearing date.  Depending upon the region you reside, in and how backlogged any local office where a hearing can be appointed to the claimants, it might take one year or even longer.

Note: – you can ask the administration to expedite your veteran’s disability case for service-connected disability will help.

How is SS disability different from the Veterans system?

The social security administration is dissimilar from the VA system as there is no disability percentage in it.  VA system allows the veteran to terminate if a veteran is 10%/40%/100% disabled, and then benefits are provided on that determination. The SS system instructs that your disability must last for a year or forever or result in unfortunate death. 

SS And Medical Records

 In case the primary source of your treatment is a veteran medical center, you should not be assuming that the SS disability examiner assigned to your disability case will be successful in getting all your records. It will not be wrong to say that the veteran is notorious in some fields for not providing the most required medical records to the SSA.

For this significant reason, it is not a bad idea for veterans to obtain their therapeutic records personally so that they can provide these records to the social security administration when applying for disability benefits.

Caution Alert: – you must always make a copy of the document you will be submitting to the social security administration. Things are notorious in the system, and losing documents is quite common in the system.

Is there a role of attorney here?

Yes, because it is a complicated process, and there is every chance that your application will get denied in the first submission, an attorney can be of great help. The attorney works on a contingency fee basis from the time they will represent you.  

To define in simple words, if your attorney wins your case, he/she will be paid up to twenty-five percent of the back pay that the social security administration decides for the claimant.  On the other hand, the side of the attorney loses your case. He/she will not be paid for anything. 

Now the common question which everyone has in their mind is that everyone needs to hire an attorney. No, not all need to hire them, there are disability representatives who are experts in their field, but they are not attorneys and are referred to as “non-attorney representatives.

Some of these representatives are former employees of the social security administration, and they put up their expertise and experience to help disabled people to get their files approved or help them in their case get stronger.

So, if you have failed initially in getting your disability file approved or facing issues, you must get an attorney. He will help you appoint a hearing with the judge where you can present your conditions and say directly what you want regarding your income and disability.  This way, you will help a professional back up at your side, which will help you in many ways. 

Who can apply for veterans’ disability benefits?

First of all, to be eligible for VA disability benefits you must be a veteran of the united states military service or an active veteran with an approaching expulsion amid 180 and 60 days throughout the benefits deliverance at discharge program or must be an active serviceman within sixty days of impending discharge through the benefits delivery quick start claim process.  Additionally, the below-mentioned requirements are essential.

  • Veterans must be suffering from diagnosed disability or disease.
  • You must have a record of an incident experience in your active veteran service period to be eligible.
  •  Your disability must be connected to your service, which means it must be proven by you that there is a full connection between the disability and the incident while you were serving US military service. 

These are the conditions that you have to prove to be eligible for the veteran’s disability benefits, and if you fail to prove them, you will not be eligible. In the first attempt, it is 100% guaranteed that your file will be denied, and even in further attempts. To make your file secure, either you have to be 100% true about your disability, or you can hire or consult a professional.

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